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Gaining traffic using search engine optimization tips can substantially increase the bottom line of your business.  Search engine optimization (SEO) is critical if you want to benefit by putting your website in front of the millions of people who are searching the internet at any given moment on any given day.  But, to many, SEO is a quandary of immeasurable calculations that only leads to wasted money and inevitable frustrations.

Regardless of what you may have read or heard about, it is STILL possible to improve search engine rankings even today, in 2013, post Panda and post Penguin.  And it will likely continue to be viable well into the future, post (insert adorable and loved animal here).

There is a lot of bad advice and blatantly false information that gets passed around on many of the public SEO forums, blogs and related websites.  Self proclaimed SEO experts with very limited experience are often to blame.  They create fear and pessimism amongst their peers with their very unscientific assumptions.

It is in your best interest to STOP frequenting these internet marketing communities.  Let me explain…

In the mean time, while most people following these false SEO prophets are convinced the death of SEO has already come to pass, the real SEO experts are actually working and still making money from high rankings.

SEO Project Assist was created by real SEO experts who have real experience with real results.  Throughout this website you will find well researched link building strategies, SEO news and information, honest product reviews, and plenty of tips and tricks to help you get your website(s) ranking high.

But before you begin scouring our site, something every internet marketer needs to understand about SEO…

Search Engine Optimization Tips

Listen, link building and SEO are far from dead.  As long as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and all of the other search engines continue to regard links as a major part of their search ranking algorithms, there will always be ways to game the system enough to rank your websites high so you can make money…and a lot of it.

Search Engine Optimization Tips

To get to this point though you will have to test things out and not be scared to experiment and fail.  Don’t regard anything as fact until you test it out for yourself.

And this may come as a shock to you, but you are better off treating your domains as a disposable commodity.  Something that you are not attached to and are willing to risk in order to learn more about what it takes to beat the search engines.  So what if your site gets penalized or de-indexed.  Just reload and try again or try something else.

If your site mainly relies on search engine traffic to drive sales, and even if you do everything right and have never done any form of manual link building, your site is still at risk to lose all of that traffic.  It happens all of the time.

And so if you still want to build links and improve search engine rankings, you have to change your mindset and be willing to part with these domains.  Some of your efforts will fail miserably, but some will far exceed your wildest expectations.

This is a Business, so Treat it as One!

You absolutely have to treat this as a business if you want to be successful with it.  This means you should be willing and ready to make an investment in time and money.  There is no getting around this.  While it may be a low dollar amount relatively speaking, you will still have to put some money into this business to make it work.

Nevertheless, since you have read this far, I have a sneaking suspicion that you are one of the few that want to succeed and will do whatever it takes.

YOU, unlike many unsuccessful internet marketers, understand risk and reward and are not afraid to fail.  In fact, failure is not a word in your vocabulary because it only applies to people who quit before they reach their goals.  And you will never quit, thus, failure is not an option.

Yes, there is a learning curve and yes there will likely be hurdles in the way to success, but YOU are prepared for this mentally and are ready to jump these hurdles at full speed.

If all of this is true about YOU, then this means that you are one of the very few that “get it” and you have a great chance to really make it in internet marketing.

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